Win German Lotto

Will Random Numbers for German Lotto increase the Chances of Winning


Is winning German Lotto based solely on luck or is there a strategy that increases the chances of winning? This is a common question asked by bettors whose goal is to win the jackpot even if the odds of winning are 1 to 139,838,160. It is perfectly understandable why an individual will keep on betting considering that in December 2007, 3 ticket holders shared the jackpot price of €43,382,458 and prior to this a single win was registered in October 07, 2006 with a jackpot of €37,688,292. Even if you win only €10 million on the next Saturday draw, it is still a lot of money that can dramatically change your life.


Why many people prefer to choose number randomly


Many people choose their numbers randomly or use the random number generator which is usually present in most in most lottery games. The computer picks the number but there is no evidence that the computer will be able to choose the winning numbers otherwise all bettors will simply use the system. Others simply fill out the lottery ticket with whatever numbers they randomly think about and surprisingly they win even if no strategy has been used.


The hot and cold system


This is a strategy involving numbers that are hot meaning numbers that have been recently been picked while cold numbers are those that have never been drawn for a long period of time. If you prefer using this strategy, you must log on consistently to the German Lotto website and research on the numbers that have been drawn over the last 12 months. This can take a lot of time and efforts but experts say it is guaranteed to strengthen your chances of winning.


Lucky lotto numbers based on numerology


There is a system of choosing lotto numbers using numerology. One example is to enter data that includes the date of birth, full name, date of draw and numbers required in the German Lotto to generate the lucky numbers. The lucky numbers will be selected based on the correlations of several different factors according to the data that has been provided. Is the system effective to predict the winning lotto numbers? Your guess is as good as mine.